GPS L2 locator

Lokalizator siemens przod

Certified locator for real-time monitoring of locomotives

Exploitation monitoring

Monitoring of locomotive operation by reading data from the CAN-BUS bus (e.g. fuel level, consumption, temperature).

Fuel control

The system allows fuel to be monitored on the rail vehicle using a microprocessor probe and flow meter.

Measuring devices and systems

Measuring equipment on locomotives monitors operating parameters, enables analysis and optimisation of operation and ensures safety.

Modular passenger app


The system helps you plan your trip and provides convenient use of transportation services.

Carrier Portal

Portal przewoźnika

The application, built on the SAAS model, is accessible via a web browser without the need to install plug-ins or plug-ins.

Check-in – Check-out

Check-in – Check-out - zdjecie 2

The system allows you to manage the distance traveled or the number of stops without buying tickets.

Payment service

Woman telephone

Software for transaction processing and effective management of transaction processes.

360° Recorder

Image recording enables you to view an object on a digital map synchronized with videos captured at agiven location and save them on a SD Card.


Photobox is a digital video recorder that saves to an SD card images from cameras installed in the vehicle.

PDA Terminal 8″

PDA Terminal 8”

The larger 8-inch PDA terminal is more convenient to use. It supports and streamlines the process of performing tasks.

FX 500 Panel 5”

500 panel 5"

An important part of the RFID system. Thanks to the on-board computer, you can check the correct operation of all system components.



Provides better communication between driver and operator, and its ergonomic design allows it to work in areas where reliability is required.