Passenger Information Board

The passenger information board is an element of public transportation that significantly contributes to the convenience of passengers. Its primary task is to provide information about the current timetable of carriers.
Departure time information is provided to passengers and presented on embedded screens using electronic paper technology ("e ink").


The presentation of the content of the schedule data can be done in a variety of predefined templates for various modes of transport (road transport, public transportation, rail transport).


The device is able to aggregate the data of various carriers using stops equipped with the device, ensuring excellent data readability.

Passenger Information Board

The display has two built-in screens using electronic paper technology, which translates into low power consumption. The displayed content is legible, regardless of the angle of observation. Capabilities offered by the device include: personalization of the board’s screens, backlighting of the schedule screen in low external light, and changes to the displayed schedule. In addition, the device is equipped with a lockable display case, where you can place an advertising banner. 

Waste bin

The waste garbage can has a built-in 49l container with a sensor indicating the level of filling (data from the filling sensor is sent via GSM network). It is possible to report the level of filling of the garbage can based on your own configuration of the number of measurements of filling, as well as their time intervals.

Electronic timetable

The schedule is transferred from the computer to the e-paper board, so there is no need to replace the manual schedule. In addition, the screen is not tiring to the eye, and the feeling of using it is similar to the traditional paper form. Access to the display case is secured by a lock.

Key features

Two modules with timetables

Two modules with timetables

GSM module

Photovoltaic cell

Buffer battery pack

Low power consumption


D-15 sign