Interfaces are responsible for transmitting and receiving signals from devices or sensors by integrating devices from different manufacturers operating on the vehicle. Thanks to them, communication between  various vehicle components and systems is possible.


The CAN Hub is a device that receives data from weighing system and automatic RFID identification and then creates the complex data packet available for third-party telematics systems.

Superstructure CAN interface

The CAN of the vehicle body is the device responsible for receiving data from the vehicle superstructure, e.g. lifter parameters (lifter position, weighing window).

CAN Interface

A CAN interface is a device that allows you to connect to the vehicle’s CAN bus, e.g. J1939, in order to obtain information about the vehicle’s operating parameters available on the vehicle’s CAN bus. 

Contactless CAN interface

The contactless CAN interface is a device enabling non-invasive connection of the CAN interface to the vehicle CAN bus.