Identification Terminal

The identification terminal is a multifunctional cash register designed mainly for rail transportation. Thanks to the use of modern technology, the device gives users a number of new possibilities. In addition to erasing paper tickets, passengers can use check-in check-out (CICO), scan their season ticket and check its validity. The device communicates with smartphones, smartwatches and dedicated apps.

Identification Terminal

This modern multifunctional ticket puncher combines multiple methods of verifying travel fare. It makes it possible to erase single-use paper tickets, and thanks to the use of RFID technology – to read season tickets, to read information about the validity of the ticket, its absence and its validity time.

The terminal allows you to travel on a distance-based fare (CICO). If the vehicle is equipped with beacons, the passenger uses the application to set the start and end time of the trip, and the system charges the appropriate fare. Communication between the devices is via Bluetooth. 

Key features

RFID card reader

AZTEC/QR code reader

Paper ticket puncher

Color LCD display

GSM/LTE communication module

WiFi communication module

Bluetooth module

Identification Terminal