Exploitation monitoring

The ET CAN system makes it possible to monitor and record many parameters related to the day-to-day operation of a locomotive without the need to install several or a dozen additional sensors. The ET CAN system reads and records operating data from the CAN-BUS bus, such as fuel level, fuel consumption, engine temperature, engine speed, etc.


The report includes, among others, information on:

– the time when the engine was first switched on and last switched off during the shift, 

– distance travelled (based on GPS),

– driving and idling times,

– operating and idling times,

– maximum engine temperature

– maximum speed,

– fuel consumption,

– average engine speed.

Key features

Used to identify the employee and track working

Employee identification system

Integracja z systemami zewnętrznymi_

with external systems

Raportowanie przebiegu tras

Route reporting