Carrier Portal

The Carrier's Portal is an application built in the SaaS model, dedicated to institutions organizing transport (local governments, offices) and to carriers fulfilling their obligations. It is available through a web browser, without the need to download, install plug-ins or plug-ins.

Full customization

SaaS application with browser access and RWD interface, eliminating problems with different screen resolutions. Use requires no installation of additional plug-ins. The home screen has shortcuts to the most frequently used functionalities for ease of use. Logging into the application is done using the company name, login and a personalized password, the complexity of which can be adjusted by the system administrator. The modular design allows division into roles and permissions for individual users. The application also has a set of tools dedicated to transport organizing institutions and carriers, making it a comprehensive solution for the transport industry.

Functionalities dedicated to carriers

The application allows driver management (assignment of login data and biometric records), recording of stops and routes, creation of timetables, recording of symbols, monitoring of the vehicle fleet (verification of vehicle location on the map), creation of fares (creation of ticket component attributes), generation of reports and handling of applications (circulation of permit component documents).

Functionalities dedicated to permit issuers (transport organizers):

-Status handling of requests (with possible communication notes/reasons for rejection): bus stop data, data and symbols of scheduling legends

-Digital workflow service (record of documents included in communication permits issued)

-Controlling reports (verification of settlements and correctness of execution of transport obligations)