Modular passenger app

The modular passenger application supports the use of various forms of public transportation, such as public transportation, agglomeration railroads, feeder lines, Park&Ride parking lots and paid parking zones. The application consists of various modules that facilitate, among other things, organizing and planning trips, purchasing tickets, paying for services or taking advantage of numerous discounts.




Selected modules:

Distribution of promotional tickets

Distributing promotional tickets through an app is a great way to attract the attention of potential customers. This innovative form of marketing allows you to offer free tickets in exchange for watching a short advertisement.

App wallet and payment services

Functionality supporting electronic payments: payment cards, GooglePay/ApplePay services, Przelewy24 with BLIK function, as well as electronic wallet available in the application.


The CICO (check-in check-out) system allows passengers to charge their fare without buying tickets. Passengers mark the beginning and end of the trip on their smartphone, and the system calculates the amount due based on the route taken. Vehicles must have a radio ID, and beacon technology is used to broadcast the information.

Vehicle tracking and trip planner

Trip planner is a tool for planning trips by public transportation, commuter lines and railroads. You can personalize the form of your trip, choose the means of transportation and travel time. The application displays detailed information about connections, such as waiting time, ticket cost and number of stops. Google map allows you to visualize your travel route. 

In addition, you can track the location of vehicles from within the app.

Connection with external subscription systems

Thank to the fact that the system is open, it is possible to implement functions of external applications and subscription systems. Placing the most important functions in a single application streamlines use and increases user convenience.