ARUBAMU – Image Recording

Our new system module Arubamu offers the possibility to view the situation online, and playback of images both in the form of photos and video of specific vehicle events, such as loading or unloading, and all functionalities are contained in one program.


The main advantages of ARUBAM are: clear and intuitive interface, compatibility with other elements of the system, ability to anonymize images, safety of work, quick generation of reports, integrity with other ICHI modules, accurate analysis of events.

ARUBAMU main functionalities

Streaming – possibility to view images from cameras placed on vehicles in real time, with the option recording of selected frames in the form of photos.

The video viewer allows you to preview the images recorded by the cameras, and also allows synchronization with the event and location. In addition, the editor has employee anonymization function - manual or automatic.

The real-time synchronization of reports, maps and video allows you to view the current location of the vehicle, the actions performed and interventions in case of irregularities

Anomization options

Manual - allows the user to blur specific areas on selected frames

Automatic - generates and reproduces fully anonymized footage video.

Additional features of the system through the use of 360 cameras and VIDEOBOX.

The 360 image recording and in-vehicle viewing allows quick response to events in the space around the vehicle. The image is digitally stored on storage media or in the cloud, depending on the customer's requirements. In addition, the driver can use the "bird's eye" view preview for better orientation,and with the VideoBox system, he can configure the recorded image in terms of resolution and frame rate, adjusting it to his preferences and needs.