HDS Static Scale

The Crane Wireless Static Scale (HOOK) - is an innovative solution for precise weighing of collected waste, enclosed in a compact housing that is resistant to damage and weather conditions.


HDS Static Scale - HOOK

The HOOK scale represents an innovative solution, combining the advantages of both wired power supply and an additional built-in battery.


Its design allows for a smooth transition between wired and battery power, resulting in continuous and reliable operation. This power supply flexibility means that the HOOK scale can cope perfectly with a wide range of use conditions, eliminating possible measurement interruptions.


The scale is equipped with an automatic RFID reader in UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology, allowing identification of containers during collection. Buttons on the vehicle-mounted panel allow manual triggering of the scale or the UHF reader.


The HOOK’s steel construction has been protected in case the strain gauge is damaged and the scale breaks, increasing the safety of those working in the vicinity.

Key Features

Wireless communication with the receiving module

Wired and/or rechargeable battery power supply,

Swivelling hook - 360 degrees

Rechargeable, replaceable battery

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Universal top handle for integration into the factory hook mount

Low-profile design

Possibility to legalise the scale