Railway safety – cooperation between PKP LHS Zamość and ELTE

Hardware: Accessories, GPS Tracking, Measuring devices and systems, Tachographs
Industry: Railway

PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa spółka z o.o. (LHS) in Zamość provides comprehensive forwarding, logistics and rail transport services; it also performs shunting and maintenance work. Its activities also include the lease of tracks, ramps, loading yards, sidings, land, office and storage facilities. The company operates a transshipment terminal
in Szczebrzeszyn.


With a view to increasing the level of safety, as well as improving logistics and transport operations, the LHS company from Zamość decided to offer ELTE, dedicated to rail transport. The main objectives of the modernisation were the implementation of electronic tachographs with SHP function and the implementation of modern facility monitoring solutions.


ELTE has equipped the LHS company’s locomotives with modern tachographs with SHP (Self Train Braking) functionality. The use of such equipment does not require the purchase and maintenance of costly trackside infrastructure components. The task of SHP is to control the driver’s vigilance when passing fixed geographical points such as entry and exit semaphores and warning discs. On entering the designated area, the vigilance procedure is initiated. When the driver does not react to the optical and then acoustic signals, the SHP module initiates an abrupt train braking procedure.


The tachograph memory stores information about the points and directions of travel at which the SHP function is to be activated.
It activates at designated points using information about the train’s current location.


In addition, we have implemented an extensive facility monitoring system. Thanks to the unique design of the ET-GPS-GSM controller,
in addition to information on the current location, data from the accessories connected to it are also transmitted, allowing full control of the locomotives’ operating parameters. Microprocessor-based probes for measuring fuel quantity, flow meters and the already mentioned tachographs with SHP function have been installed in them. Sensors recording coolant temperature, internal combustion engine revolutions and main generator power were also connected to the system. The information obtained in this way makes it possible to control the way and level of use of the locomotives.


Employee identification system

Support for logistics and administration

Process optimisation

Cost reduction

Monitoring of operating parameters