ELTE system configuration
for Nijman/Zeetank International Logistic Group

Hardware: Accessories, GPS Tracking, Measuring devices and systems, Sensors
Industry: Fleet management

The Dutch company Nijman/Zeetank International Logistic Group is involved in a wide range of logistics services: transport (distribution of glass, petroleum products, fuel, gas and other goods), warehousing and customs activities. Consisting of five companies, the Group operates in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the UK. Among others, the company cooperates with the petrochemical companies Royal Dutch Shell Group and British Petroleum (BP).


A condition of the transport services provided by Nijman/Zeetank International Logistic Group, which was set by the petrochemical companies, was to equip its tanker fleet with a GPS vehicle location system. The contract laid down detailed specifications for the vehicle monitoring system applicable to the haulier.


From among the systems that meet the set standards, the ELTE solution including a site monitoring system was selected. Thanks to its proven reputation in the market, the functionality of the GPS Monitor and GPS Log software and the capabilities of the ET-GPS-GSM controller, the system was implemented and configured based on Shell and BP guidelines. Pursuant to an agreement between the fuel producers and the haulier, BP and Shell were granted client licences to track the current location of the contracted transports.

The suite of in-vehicle equipment installed in Scania tankers includes:

– ET-GPS-GSM on-board computer enabling real-time monitoring of the position of the vehicles on a map thanks to the GPS Monitor application, as well as ongoing data recording and archiving in the GPS Register database;
– An RFID-based transponder end sensor to authorise access to the fuel loading compartment;
– Emergency button;
– A special CAN bus interface which, in order to standardise the data transmitted between vehicles of different brands in the same fleet, uses the FMS standard including signals:

   – Total fuel consumption
   – Engine operating time,
   – Meter status,
   – Fuel level,
   – Rear axle load,
   – Brake application,
   – Activation of cruise control.

Our sensor technology was installed in vehicles during the assembly of tank cars on the production line in Belgium. Communication of the controller with the server takes place via the GSM network.


Increased safety and control of loads.

Zwiększone bezpieczeństwo kierowców

Improved driver safety


Cost reduction

Monitoring parametrów eksploatacyjnych

Monitoring of operating parameters