New rolling stock monitoring solutions for PKP Group

Hardware: Accessories, GPS Tracking, Measuring devices and systems, Tachographs, Terminals
Industry: Railway

The Polskie Koleje Państwowe (Polish State Railways) Group combines public service with operations characteristic of a modern enterprise operating in a market economy. It is the largest rail carrier in Poland.
It is made up of PKP S.A. and 10 companies providing services in the railway, energy and ICT markets, among others. Its mission is to increase the role of rail transport in Poland along the lines of modern railways operating in Europe. The group includes, among others: PKP CARGO S.A., PKP Intercity S.A., PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa Sp. z o.o.


To ensure the highest level of service, the PKP Group decided to modernise its rolling stock management system. The new solutions were aimed at optimising the process, reducing operating costs, but above all – increasing safety in train traffic, which is a priority for collective transport managers


ELTE prepared a comprehensive solution for the PKP Group, including, among others, a system for monitoring the location of rolling stock, analysis of operating parameters, tachographs and identification of employees. 


ET GPS Location System

The ET GPS system is used to monitor the location of locomotives and wagons. The GPS locator records data on their location, speed, direction of movement and information from sensors and interfaces. The data stored in the GPS locator’s internal memory is sent to the monitoring system. On their basis, it is possible to draw up various types of reports, including a report on the percentage of locomotive use, a summary report of wagon mileage.


ET GPS WAGON wagon odometer system

The main components of the ET GPS WAGON system are a device mounted on the wagon axle – a so-called odometer with
a localisation function – and software. The odometer has its own power supply, which enables uninterrupted operation – even for several years – and GSM and GPS modules for remote reading of the current wagon mileage and its location. The latter can be displayed on railway and road map bases.


ET TACHO/KOL Rail tachograph system

The ET TACHO/KOL system is used to measure and record rail vehicle speed, distance travelled and data from connected sensors.
It is also equipped with a GPS module, thanks to which it is possible to determine precisely the place and time of an event that has occurred.


Compared to this type of speed recorder, the ELTE tachograph is distinguished by:

– lower operating costs (e.g. elimination of paper tape),

– easier archiving (data are saved automatically as files on a server),

– instant access to data in the application. 


ET Tacho/SHP rail tachograph system with SHP function

The main component of the ET Tacho/SHP system is the extended tachograph with train self-braking module with permanent memory, in which, among other things, information on points and directions of travel at which the train self-braking function (SHP) is to be activated is stored. The SHP function is activated at appropriate points using information about the train’s current location. The use of
a tachograph with an integrated database of automatic train braking points does not require the purchase and maintenance of costly trackside infrastructure. This solution reduces expenditure on equipment for traction vehicles, reduces the cost of maintaining the trackside infrastructure and increases the level of train safety.


ET FUEL RAIL Fuel control system

The use of the ET Fuel Rail system helps to better manage fuel management. It enables the fast, efficient collation of information
on refuelled and consumed fuel for a given rail vehicle. To control the level in the tank, a microprocessor-based fuel probe is used;
in addition, a set of flow meters is used to measure actual consumption.



ET TERMINAL Communication terminal system

The communication terminal is a device mounted in the locomotive cab which gives the driver access to the locomotive operating parameters recorded by the system. An additional function of the device is the possibility of two-way communication between the driver and the dispatcher.


ET CAN system for monitoring locomotive operating parameters

The ET CAN system makes it possible to monitor and record many parameters related to the current operation of a locomotive without the need to install several or more additional sensors. The ET CAN system reads and records operating data from the CAN-BUS bus, such as fuel level, fuel consumption, engine temperature, engine speed, etc.


ET INTEGRATOR Integration system

The ET Integrator system allows the integration of our ICT solutions with other systems that enable, among other things, the billing
of performed services, control of working time, planning, etc. Data exchange is carried out using, among other things, files or the Webservice. An example of the implementation of such a solution is the integration of the ELTE system with the EKL system operating
in the PKP Cargo company.


ET ID Employee Identification System

The ET ID employee identification system makes it possible to account in detail for each employee/engine driver’s working time on individual locomotives. It makes it possible to obtain information on the number of kilometres travelled and the speed and operation of the locomotive. The employee / driver can be identified via an RFID card, RFID key fob or a chip in the form of a Dallas lozenge.


Employee identification system

Quick access to data

Increased level of safety

Reduction of operating costs

Monitoring of rolling stock operating parameters