Implementation at MPWiK

Hardware: Accessories, GPS Tracking, Measuring devices and systems, Terminals
Industry: Water supply and sewerage

Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Warszawie S.A. is the leading water supplier for the Warsaw agglomeration, serving over 2.5 million inhabitants. The company has an extensive water supply network of more than 4,200 km and a sewerage network of similar length. MPWiK Warsaw has a fleet of over 400 vehicles. As part of its operations, the company has implemented solutions from ELTE, which include vehicle monitoring systems and vehicle operating parameters.


For MPWiK, the control of transport orders for fuel consumption and kilometres travelled has become a significant problem.
The traditional way of recording orders, which involved drivers filling out cards and submitting them to the base once a quarter, proved inefficient. The number of cards amounted to more than 20,000 at any one time, making effective control virtually impossible. 


It was decided to implement solutions to centralise fleet management and monitor operational parameters.


The ELTE solutions implemented at MPWiK Warsaw are part of an extensive transport management and workshop service system.
It is composed of 
 includes additionally integrated systems such as an ERP system, a fuel station management system and a GIS system. The ELTE systems transmit information about kilometres driven, hours worked and refuelling received from the petrol station management system (PCS) to the ERP system (IFS). The introduction of electronic measurement of vehicle mileage and fuel consumption has made it possible to dispense with paper road cards, which have been replaced by transport orders created in the IFS system.   These solutions provide the company with a complete picture of the operating characteristics of a given facility, enabling
an in-depth analysis, which makes it possible to reduce costs and optimise its resources.


Given the requirements presented by MPWiK, we proposed and implemented the following measures:


ET GPS system for monitoring the location of moving objects, recording data on location, speed, direction of movement and information from sensors and interfaces. With this system, it is possible to create reports on travel routes, stops and additional sensors and interfaces.


ET CAN system to monitor and record various vehicle operating parameters by reading data from the CAN-BUS bus. Among the monitored parameters are fuel level, meter status, brake circuit pressure, fuel consumption, engine rpm, coolant temperature and many others.


The ET BODY SIGNALS system, developed in cooperation with MPWiK, which enables the monitoring and recording of data on the operation of various vehicle body components, such as power attachments, pumps, heaters or compressors.


The ET FUEL system for fuel management by monitoring fuel consumption and summarising refuelled and consumed fuel for individual vehicles.


The ET CONNECT system, an on-board terminal that streamlines the order execution process by identifying drivers and assigning specific orders to them. The terminal also allows communication with the dispatcher, GPS navigation and the display of planned orders.


Thanks to the implementation of ELTE’s vehicle and performance monitoring systems, the Municipal Water and Sewage Company in the City of Warsaw has achieved significant benefits.  Full monitoring of the location, vehicle and body parameters and fuel management contributed to cost reduction, optimisation of resource


30% (1)

Reduction in fuel consumption by approximately 30%.

20K (1)

Elimination of paper documents (~20,000/month)

Reduction of operating costs

Optimisation of transport processes and fleet management

Centralisation and unification of data.