Waste Bin Fill-Level Sensor

Waste Bin Fill-Level Sensor

Device equipped with ultrasonic sensor. All registered fill-level data, along with wastebin locations are visualized on a digital map.

Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic sensor

Placed on the lifter. It allows the sensor to detect whether the container is suspended on the comb or not.

Arm Opening Sensor

The sensor sends information to the system that the arm is opening or closing. See how it works.

Weighing Window Sensor

Sensor responsible for initiating and terminating the weighing process. Sensor is also used to count the number of emptyings (liftings).

Route Optimization – SAITEKI


The SAITEKI module enables route optimization taking into account a number of parameters, reducing costs and improving efficiency.



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Aftersales Support

Aftersales Support

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Change Management

Change management

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