RFID Manual Reader

Manual Reader1

Wireless manual RFID reader enables identification of wastebins and/or containers by scanning RFID, barcodes and/or QR-codes.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Displays the location of vehicles, their parameters and statuses of sensors installed on objects equipped with Elte devices. Runs on the following operating systems: Android.

Route Optimization – SAITEKI


The SAITEKI module enables route optimization taking into account a number of parameters, reducing costs and improving efficiency.



We know how important it is to work together in this area, so we offer a full range of implementation services to facilitate management.



The success of any project lies in recognizing and understanding the client’s needs.

Aftersales Support

Aftersales Support

We understand and value cooperation based on trust. That is why we offer comprehensive after-sales support. We are there for our clients and partners at every stage of our joint work.

Change Management

Change management

Training is the final and highly important process of implementing new solutions. The more familiar one becomes with the tools, the productivity and efficiency of the automated work increases

Truck Lifters Adaptation

Static Weighing

Adapting the elevator or adjusting the lifting device on which the RFID and weighing systems will operate.

Fire and Medical Services

Fire and medical services

System designed for fire and medical services saves the object location, speed, direction of movement, and information from sensors.

Asset Management

Asset Management

To effectively manage resources, you need tools that enhance operations.

RFID Automatic Reader

The RFID reader reads the tags and identifies the bins, then sends the data to the system. This data, complete with the time stamps, GPS location and other data from devices installed on the vehicle, is used in the subsequent analytical process.



RFID devices reduce the risk of errors and provide real-time data and increase process efficiency.