Flexible way of solving the problem

Talk to Mikołaj Mateja – product manager ELTE GROUP, speaker and participant of the Comprehensive Solutions for Waste Management Conference

mikołaj MATEJA

Adam Skolankiewicz: The first edition of the conference “Comprehensive solutions for the economy” will take place in a moment. What is the purpose of participating in this event?
Mikołaj Mateja: I want to present the Elte Smart systems to customers who have been interested in our solutions during last year’s meetings in the Czech Republic. Last year the response for our proposition was large enough and we decided to organize our own conference together with INISOFT dedicated to customers seeking solutions for the municipal industry. In detail, we will present the equipment mounted on vehicles – on the demonstration vehicle and the vehicle of one of our clients, and we will show software solutions – our SEPAN and SKLAD ODPADU (software INISOFT).

A.S.: Who is the organizer of the conference, who is initiator a meeting will take place?
M.M.: Our partner – INISOFT was the originator of this form of the meeting.

A.S.: Why in particular the conference is devoted?
M.M.: At the conference will be presented solutions for the waste management in particular for garbage truck. We want to show how our software has been integrated with the client system and INISOFT software. Their application allows invoicing and transferring data to the government monitoring system for transporting waste and settlement of garbage disposal.

A.S.: What good practices will you share with participants?
M.M.: Thanks to the presentation opportunities on the demonstration vehicle I will show a full range of possibilities depending on the mounted system. In the presentation we will show the most classic scenarios of events. We will present the system’s behavior and work reports as well.  

A.S.: What new experiences will be leaving the conference participants with?
M.M.: First of all we want to broaden the knowledge about the possibilities of systems and their functioning. Most important for us is the final customer assessment and whether our solutions are suitable for their operating mode. Each customer has some specific requirements as the system should behave or what data should be registered in a specific scenario. At the conference customers will want to see the solution to their problem. We want to show them. It does not matter if their scenario is actually important or exaggerated. We want to present a very flexible way of solving the problem. They do not need to adapt to technology, but technology has to adapt to their expectations.

mikołaj MATEJA

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