Communal Fair – Olomouc 17-19.05

On May 17-19 we will participate in the municipal trade fair in Olomouc (Czech Republic), organized by MDLEXPO s.r.o., under the auspices of the Association of Cities and Municipalities of the Czech Republic SMO.

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The fair will address issues concerning functioning of smaller cities and towns and promotion of waste management and recycling activities. We will be discussing how to ensure a secure future and sustainable development through the use of appropriate know-how. In addition, the latest developments in renewable energy sources, including electricity generation, used for optimal heating and cooling of buildings will be presented. 


Topics for lectures, conferences, workshops, “roundtables” and panel discussions:


– Blue-green infrastructure

– Remote energy reading technology, portal services and their use.

– Why municipalities should be interested in building their own fiber optic network infrastructure

– Experience with the implementation of domestic wastewater treatment plants for municipalities (when to implement and when to look for other solutions)

– Construction of children’s groups from the National Reconstruction Plan

– How to effectively build and modernize public lighting in municipalities and cities

– Emission-free transportation and energy

– How to finance new electric cars and accessories (such as charging stations) in your municipality

– Cyber security, file handling, digitization, data protection, public procurement, energy security, municipal energy, waste and road management, sports and recreation in the practice of cities and municipalities.

– Crisis management, civil protection and civil defense in the practice of cities and municipalities.


You are cordially invited to participate in the event. 

Registration can be made at: https://komunalniveletrh.cz/program/


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