61st KFDZOM Convention in Kolobrzeg.

Director of the dedicated systems division Dariusz Ciaputa and Wojciech Stawinski, commercial director, represent ELTE Group at this year's 61st Convention of the National Forum of Directors of Urban Cleaning Plants in Kolobrzeg.


The National Forum of Directors of Urban Cleaning Plants is a special venue dedicated to executives of companies operating in the municipal sector. The convention is an opportunity to confront the latest regulations and topics that have a significant impact on the operation of the entire industry. It also provides an excellent platform for participants to exchange knowledge and experience.


During the Forum, participants have the opportunity to update their knowledge of regulations and current trends and innovations in the utility industry.New regulations on environmental protection, sustainable development, waste management and energy efficiency are discussed and analyzed by prominent experts and practitioners related to the sector.


KFDZOM to primarily a space for the exchange of experience and best practices in waste management and urban cleaning. Cooperation between representatives of various entities related to the municipal industry allows for a better understanding of common challenges and the search for innovative solutions. As a result, the Forum plays a key role in the development of the sector and raising the standards of environmental management.


The Municipal Department of Greenery, Roads and Environmental Protection in Kolobrzeg Sp. z o.o. plays the role of site host, while the Municipal Waste Neutralization Plant “ORLI STAW” Sp. z o.o. hosts the Convention (designation).

Other news


Crane Static Scale – HOOK

We would like to announce that we are launching an innovative static scale dedicated to crane loadervehicles, which will revolutionise the standards of precise weighing of waste.


Merry Christmas


After the POLECO fair – summary

Last week we had the opportunity to participate in the POLECO 2023 International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection, which took place in Poznań.