RFID Manual Reader

Manual Reader1

Wireless manual RFID reader enables identification of wastebins and/or containers by scanning RFID, barcodes and/or QR-codes.

360° Recorder

Image recording enables you to view an object on a digital map synchronized with videos captured at agiven location and save them on a SD Card.


Photobox is a digital video recorder that saves to an SD card images from cameras installed in the vehicle.

PDA Terminal 8″

PDA Terminal 8”

The larger 8-inch PDA terminal is more convenient to use. It supports and streamlines the process of performing tasks.

FX 500 Panel 5”

500 panel 5"

An important part of the RFID system. Thanks to the on-board computer, you can check the correct operation of all system components.



Provides better communication between driver and operator, and its ergonomic design allows it to work in areas where reliability is required.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Displays the location of vehicles, their parameters and statuses of sensors installed on objects equipped with Elte devices. Runs on the following operating systems: Android.

GPS Advanced N2.5

Advanced equipment for tracking. RFID systems, dynamic scale, and PDA terminal are connected.

Basic GPS Tracker

Powered by battery tool for tracking vechicles. It has also a recording equipment which saves and upload data to the server. Roaming communication is not required.

Mobile GPS Tracker

Device has its own power supply – the battery which works up to 7 days. Wireless charging capability. Indicates a point on the map and transmits data to the system

Waste Container Tracker

This solution alows to track the container. Equipped with GSM and GPS modules and with a sensor which detects operations connected with container. Posibility to configure data transmission frequency.

Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic sensor

Placed on the lifter. It allows the sensor to detect whether the container is suspended on the comb or not.

Waste Bin Fill-Level Sensor

Waste Bin Fill-Level Sensor

Device equipped with ultrasonic sensor. All registered fill-level data, along with wastebin locations are visualized on a digital map.

Arm Opening Sensor

The sensor sends information to the system that the arm is opening or closing. See how it works.