Waste Bin Fill-Level Sensor

czujnik zapełnienia pojemników

The bin fill sensor (Bell Box) is a wireless device that provides information on the status of a full waste bin.

Waste Container Tracker

Lokalizator kontenera

This solution alows to track the container. Equipped with GSM and GPS modules and with a sensor which detects operations connected with container. Posibility to configure data transmission frequency.

Automatic RFID identification

The RFID reader reads the tags and identifies the bins, then sends the data to the system. This data, complete with the time stamps, GPS location and other data from devices installed on the vehicle, is used in the subsequent analytical process.

Telemetry systems

Route GPS

Telemetry system allows you to record data on the vehicle’s location, speed, direction of movement and data from sensors and interfaces.

Manual RFID identification

manual reader

Manual RFID identification enables the scanning of RFID, barcodes and/or QR codes with just one device.



Devices for transmitting and receiving signals from devices or sensors.

GPS/GSM devices

GPS/GSM devices are used to locate and monitor objects using GPS and GSM data transmission.

Truck Lifters Adaptation

Static Weighing

Adapting the elevator or adjusting the lifting device on which the RFID and weighing systems will operate.

HDS Static Scale

Wireless crane scale with integrated UHF RFID reader – an innovative solution for weighing collected waste.

360° Recorder

Image recording enables you to view an object on a digital map synchronized with videos captured at agiven location and save them on a SD Card.


Photobox is a digital video recorder that saves to an SD card images from cameras installed in the vehicle.

Terminal PDA ELTE SMART 8″

PDA Terminal 8”

The larger 8-inch PDA terminal is more convenient to use. It supports and streamlines the process of performing tasks.

Terminal PDA ELTE SMART 5”

500 panel 5"

An important part of the RFID system. Thanks to the on-board computer, you can check the correct operation of all system components.