60th Waste Management Companies Directors’ National Forum of City Cleaning System Convent

The association's convention, combined with the Forum's 30th anniversary, is being held from September 21 to 23, 2022 at the "Nosalowy Dwór" Hotel in Zakopane. 

60th Waste Management Companies Directors' National Forum of City Cleaning System Convent

The Convent program includes three separate debates on the future of waste management in Poland entitled How do I see the future of Polish waste management? The debates will be attended by professors of fields closely related to the waste management industry, CEOs of companies and manufacturers supporting waste management. 

The Profesors’ Debate will be moderated by Prof. Andrzej Jędrczak, Ph.D., and will be attended by Prof. Andrzej Białowiec, Prof. Małgorzata Gotowska, Prof. Marek Górski, Prof. Zbigniew Grzymała, Prof. Tadeusz Pająk, Prof. Jerzy Zwoździak. 

The following were invited to the Presidents’ Debate: the role of moderator Henryk Kultys President of the Board of MPO – Kraków, and: Michał Dąbrowski Chairman of the Board of PIGO – Warsaw, Henryk Drzewiecki President of the Board of MZGOK – Konin, Janusz Fic President of the Board of MPGK – Krosno, Monika Jaźwiec President of the Board of TESKO – Zakopane, Ronald Laska President of the Board of Remondis – Szczecin, Andrzej Malara President of the Board of MPGK – Katowice, Piotr Szewczyk President of the Board of ZUOK “Orli Staw”. – Municipal Association of Municipalities “Czyste Miasto, Czysta Gmina” – Kalisz, Tomasz Uciński President of the Management Board of PGK; Koszalin

The Producers’ Debate will be joined by Dr. Jacek Połomka President of the Management Board of ZZOZ in Marszów (as moderator) and representatives of companies: EKOCEL – Rekowo Górne – Krzysztof Sosnowy, HEWEA – Byków – Marcin Saluk, INTEGRA – Gdynia – Slawomir Kaminski, IVECO Sp. z o.o. – Warsaw – Jacek Nowakowski, PRONAR – Narew – Slawomir Matyśkiewicz, PROTECHNIKA – Łuków – Grzegorz Kowalczyk, PTM POLSKA – Łódź – Tomasz Bartoszewicz, STARPACK – Wrocław – Slawomir Starościak.

We will be represented at the Convention by the directors Wojciech Stawinski and Dariusz Ciaputa.

During the conference on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of KFDZOM, there will be a Gala Event. Awards will be presented to individuals for a special activity in the organization’s activities and development of Polish waste management. The general sponsor of the Convention is PRONAR.

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