Interview with ELTE Group and OVHcloud with IT Reseller in the programme”Industry Leaders”

In the latest episode of the 'Industry Leaders' series on the IT Reseller programme, the guests were Joanna Parasiewicz, Head of Communication & Marketing at OVHcloud for the CEE region, and Marcin Madusiok, Senior IT Delivery Manager at ELTE Group. The conversation was about modern cloud technologies and their applications, as well as cooperation between companies. 


What does OVHcloud do and what is the cloud? 


OVHcloud, as Europe’s leading provider of cloud services, provides solutions based on public cloud
and private cloud, offering shared hosting and dedicated servers in more than 140 countries around the world. The company operates globally, with data centres and distribution points on different continents. The cloud, or cloud,
in the context of IT, is a model for delivering computer resources and services over the internet. This makes business models, applications, data storage and other resources available remotely, with many benefits such as scalability, flexibility and availability.


Collaboration between OVHcloud and ELTE Group.


In an interview, Marcin Madusiok of ELTE Group highlighted the benefits and advantages of cloud solutions, which more than 10 years ago led us to migrate services to the cloud. The specific impetus at the time was the need to serve the growing number of customers due to the law regulating household waste collection. The response to the scale and challenges faced by ELTE was precisely to work with OVHcloud and migrate to the cloud. 


The current joint project IMKA2.0 – Innovation in Action.


The project IMKA2.0which we are implementing for the Provincial Roads Authority of Krakow, is an excellent example of using cloud technologies in practice. The application Malopolska Karta Aglomeracyjna is a comprehensive system for public transport users, and the entire infrastructure of this solution is based on services provided by OVHcloud.


The The IMKA2.0 application offers many advanced features that make travelling and using public transport easier. These include different forms of payment, the ability to plan journeys, integration with a parking system, or the option to pay to see advertising, which becomes an effective marketing tool. This makes IMKA2.0 an example of a modern MaaS (mobility as a service) that adapts to users’ needs.

The following is a recording of the interview in Polish:

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