iMKA2.0 – launching app for passengers

ELTE GPS, part of the ELTE Group, is preparing a comprehensive implementation for the Provincial Roads Authority in Krakow (Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich). As part of the first stage of the project, an improved version of the well-known application for passengers - iMKA2.0 - was launched in the Malopolska Agglomeration Card system (Małopolska Karta Aglomeracyjna). To ensure speed of operation and data security, the entire infrastructure was based on cloud services provided by a global and reliable partner - OVHcloud.

Mobile app for passengers

The solutions we are working on are perfectly in line with the idea of “smart city,” the main goal of which is to improve the quality of life of residents and ensure more efficient and sustainable use of urban resources, such as energy, water, transportation, waste and buildings.


As a result, residents can benefit from more functional urban infrastructure, which translates into higher living comfort and better working and studying conditions. By constantly controlling resource consumption, it is possible to significantly reduce costs, as well as greenhouse gas emissions


Application tailored to the needs of the passenger.


The Malopolska Agglomeration Card project (MKA) is a modern and comprehensive system for public transport users. The mobile application is its foundation, so it was crucial for us to adapt it to the changing needs of residents.


Initially, the basic functionality of iMKA app was the purchase of tickets. Over the years, the project has evolved, and the expectations of users have also changed, for whom convenience and time saving have become most important. The refreshed version of iMKA2.0 is a completely new opportunity for users. From the level of one application it is possible to manage many services related to transport, such as buying tickets, planning trips, moving by different means of transport, paying for parking or buying additional services.


The iMKA2.0 application is a perfect example of a MaaS (mobility as a service) application. It is a tool that facilitates the use of various means of public transportation, including agglomeration rail, feeder lines, Park&Ride parking lots and paid parking zones. With this app, we can easily and efficiently organize our travel and pay for services

Selected features in iMKA2.0:

– Various forms of mobile payments, including payment cards, GooglePay/ApplePay services, Przelewy24 with BLIK function, and a digital wallet available in the app. With passenger profiles, default ticket preferences can be assigned, and memorized settings enable faster purchases;


– Check-in Check-out. With CICO, passengers can enjoy rides without buying tickets. All they have to do is mark the beginning and end of their trip on their smartphone, and the system automatically calculates the fare due based on the route taken. The functionality uses beacon technology;


– A trip planner that allows you to plan the optimal route for your trip using various modes of transportation – public transportation, suburban lines and railroads. All you have to do is select the starting and ending stops. The app displays detailed connection information and a Google map to visualize the route. You can also track the current location of vehicles;


– the possibility to connect the Krakow Card, purchase monthly tickets at a discount , including the “5+1” semi-annual ticket;


– the ability to quickly and conveniently pay for parking in paid parking zones using a smartphone. The application allows you to specify the parking zone, parking time (time, amount or start/stop mode), and pay for parking with the possibility of extension;


– Integration with the Park&Ride parking system. After scanning a parking ticket with a QR code, you can pay for it in the app, without having to pay at a parking meter. iMKA2.0 also allows you to check the number of available parking spaces and start navigation to a selected parking lot from within the app.


– The light version of the app allows you to use it without full registration;


ticket-for-view option is an effective way to attract the attention of potential customers. This modern form of marketing allows you to offer free tickets in exchange for watching a short video;


– The iMKA-S app for WearOS and watchOS allows you to present tickets for inspection or run CICO functions on smartwatch devices.


Efficient and remote fleet management in the application.


The basis of our solution for MKA is a state-of-the-art public transportation management system and a dedicated application for carriers.


The application, built in the SaaS (software as a service) model, is accessible via a web browser without the need to install plug-ins. The modular approach enables the division into roles and permissions for individual users.


The application allows remote management of bus stop records, routes and schedules. A number of new functionalities make it possible to update timetables, plan routes or edit stop data. In addition, from the application level it is possible to monitor rolling stock, create fares, for ticket groups, manage drivers and advanced reporting.


As part of additional functionalities, dedicated to transport organizers, the application allows handling applications submitted by carriers, generating controlling reports and enabling completely digital document circulation.


Thanks to many years of experience, cooperation with trusted partners and the commitment of both our employees and users, we have provided our client with a comprehensive, modern solution. We plan to implement additional functionalities so that the system meets the expectations and changing needs of public transport passengers.



Resources: https://mka.malopolska.pl/, https://www.ovhcloud.com/

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