Implementation at MPWiK


Significant reduction in costs and fuel consumption thanks to digitisation of processes based on ELTE systems.

Modular passenger app


The system helps you plan your trip and provides convenient use of transportation services.

Payment service

Woman telephone

Software for transaction processing and effective management of transaction processes.

Terminal BUS

Multifunctional terminal designed both to identify system users and to check and purchase in-vehicle services

Terminal PDA ELTE SMART 8″

PDA Terminal 8”

The larger 8-inch PDA terminal is more convenient to use. It supports and streamlines the process of performing tasks.

Terminal PDA ELTE SMART 5”

500 panel 5"

An important part of the RFID system. Thanks to the on-board computer, you can check the correct operation of all system components.

Terminal GETAC 8″


Provides better communication between driver and operator, and its ergonomic design allows it to work in areas where reliability is required.

SAITEKI – Route Optimization


The SAITEKI module enables route optimization taking into account a number of parameters, reducing costs and improving efficiency.



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Aftersales Support

Aftersales Support

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