Fleet monitoring system for Fabryka Cukiernicza Kopernik S.A.

Hardware: GPS Tracking
Industry: Fleet management

Fabryka Cukiernicza "Kopernik" S.A. is the oldest producer of gingerbread and wafers in Poland, and at the same time one of the oldest in Europe. Currently, it is the largest producer of gingerbread in the country and one of the largest confectionery companies. Despite the use of modern technology in the process of gingerbread making, its production is based on old recipes and methods whose tradition dates back to the experience of master gingerbread makers from the 16th century.


For Fabryka Cukiernicza Kopernik S.A., it was crucial to modernise the commercial fleet in order to improve resource management, control the work of traders and reduce business costs. It was important to obtain real-time information on the location, speed and operating parameters of the vehicles, as well as generating reports on kilometres driven.


The company’s sales fleet was equipped with an ELTE vehicle monitoring system, which enables the location, speed and direction
of vehicles to be monitored on an ongoing basis. In addition, we have installed a fuel level monitoring system in the vehicles. Information on the geographical location and operating parameters of the vehicle is sent via on-board computers and archived in dedicated software. By selecting appropriate criteria, the system user is able to create summaries and reports on selected parameters. In addition, the system user can monitor, on an ongoing basis, the counter status of the vehicles used by the sales staff, and receive daily reports on the kilometres driven from the transmitted data.


The combination of ongoing monitoring, a full archive of the information sent from the vehicles and the functionality of the dedicated software supports the management of the company’s hardware and human resources, control of the work of the salespeople and allows the quality of services to be improved and business costs to be reduced.


Control of operational parameters

Advanced reporting and data analysis

Higher quality of services

Reduction of operating costs

Ongoing monitoring of tradesman performance