AppClips iMKA – Ticket purchase and parking fees even faster for travellers in Krakow!

AppClips are so-called application snippets, i.e. small parts of an application that allow a specific task (e.g. ordering food, paying for a service) to be performed by scanning a QR or NFC code, without having to install the full software version. The service has just been implemented by ELTE GPS for the Malopolska Metropolitan Card (Małopolska Karta Aglomeracyjna).

AppClips screens

The first code stickers have already appeared in public transport spaces in Kraków. They contain special tags for instant purchases using Apple devices. These purchases do not require the installation of an app. Just bring your iPhone close to the sticker or scan the QR code and the device will automatically launch App Clip, part of the iMKA mobile application.

AppClip iMKA - © Malopolska Karta Aglomeracyjna

Hologram stickers © Malopolska Karta Aglomeracyjna

The user can enter basic purchase parameters such as stops, choice of concession for transport tickets and parking information, such as zone selection, vehicle registration number and time to pay for parking. Once payment has been made using Apple Pay, the purchased ticket can be added to Apple Wallet. In addition, a visual notification is displayed on the lock screen of the user’s phone, indicating the status of the active service. To present their travel entitlement, the user can present it for inspection directly from Apple Wallet.


Stickers with codes will gradually be placed in more important communication locations, including train timetables, parking meters or at the airport.


More information can be found here: https://mka.malopolska.pl/

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