Our SEPAN system and problem solving

Another training on how to use the SEPAN system is behind us. This time, we were hosted in the Czech Republic at the invitation of Stavre-Envi s.r.o.

We presented the full path from report generation to the creation of vehicle route booklet. The training was attended by the owners of the company, among others. At the meeting we have taken the most important issues related to the system, i.e. planning of schedules, ongoing monitoring of waste collection processes and generating reports on the implementation of services by municipal companies.

Training is one of the elements developing our mutual partnership. We fully focus on practical aspects of the system operation. The aim of each of our training sessions is to use the knowledge provided to change behaviour to ensure success.

The result of the meeting in the Czech Republic is the deepening of cooperation and the perspective of further development. We have started the process of preparing new solutions. The training was conducted by Daniel Błąkała.

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