Basic GPS Tracker

It is fixed in the vehicle and powered by a battery. If the vehicle is equipped with additional recording equipment,
the recorded data will also be sent to the server by the controller.

In addition, when the vehicle crosses the country borders, the controller saves all the logged events, which are
sent in bulk to the system upon returning to the country (which means that roaming communication is not required).


The device only indicates a point on the map (current location of the vehicle). Can be connected to the vehicle CAN bus. Transmits information to the system.

Key Features

Battery inside - no risk of cutting off energy

Battery inside - no risk of cutting off energy

Internal memory - no risk to lose GSM signal

Internal memory - no risk of losing data

Live data transmission

Live data transmission. Using GSM/GPRS

Supporting RFID - automatic and manual RFID identification system

Supporting RFID Identification system


Inputs/outputs - possibility to connect signals

Basic GPS Tracker