Ahead of us, the 26th COMPREHENSIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT Conference, Uniejow and online

The conference will be held August 31-September 2, 2022 in Uniejów and online. The convention will bring together experts, decision-makers, practitioners, as well as many representatives of the leading waste management market in Poland.

The event provides an excellent opportunity to promote proven ventures and present bold new proposals. The solutions developed at the conference will be passed on to, among others: the government administration.

We are going to KGO 2022 (Kompleksowa Gospodarka Odpadami - Comprehensive Waste Management) with products and technological solutions prepared for the municipal sector, among them: image recording devices, RFID container identification, and weighing, and container positioning.

Our representatives will be directors Wojciech Stawinski and Dariusz Ciaputa.

More information on the event here.


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