Saubermacher Slovenia selected ELTE Group solutions

This is yet another implementation of ELTE Group systems in Slovenia. Saubermacher Branch in Slovenia has equipped its waste collection vehicles with RFID wastebin identification system and button panels.
Implementation took place in mutual cooperation with our long-term partner EKO Plus. Along with smart solutions appliance on the trucks, integration has been carried out with Saubermacher’s ERP software system provided by HAKL IT. Integration is based on two-way data exchange between the systems.

Wastebin RFID identification system enables automatic monitoring of selective waste collection processes, thus Saubermacher receives transparent information if the service was executed, or if during planned routes any irregularities have occurred, in order to eliminate them and ensure high quality of provided services.

Saubermacher is known from its practical implementation of ‘zero waste’ or ‘no waste’ policy. All steps taken by this company, including smart solution appliance, are not only to enhance transparency and quality of provide services, but also out of concern for our environment.

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