Modern weighing systems optimize waste collection processes in Slovakia

Implementation of RFID waste bin identification and dynamic weighing systems on KOSIT a.s. waste collection trucks enabled process optimization concerning refuse collection and municipal waste disposal.

Thanks to the advanced solutions based on high-tech technologies, company KOSIT a.s. has launched brand new service in the field of waste management called Fair Weighing. This service includes quantitative collection of municipal waste, during which implemented ELTE GPS system automatically identifies the waste bins and register the weights. RFID transponders installed in the waste bins allow the system to match them with corresponding proprietor.

Equipping waste collection truck with RFID antennas and load cells connected with weighing scale makes the whole process of bin identification and weighing fully automatic, without necessity of any additional action from the staff operating on the vehicle.

Complex solution provided in mutual cooperation with our partner WAMA Environmental Solutions s.r.o enables obtaining not only precise and targeted view of the waste weight generated per household, but also total sum of collected waste. Based on acquired data, it is feasible to optimize frequency of collection, adjust waste bins size and perform flexible reactions to the garbage generation trends in the municipalities.

Broader and more detailed article on the Kosit company webpage: KOSIT predstavuje Férové váženie

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