Watch out for counterfeits!

It is unfortunate to report fake products released on the market marked by our logo and not manufactured by our company (counterfeits). ELTE GPS brand name and company logo are used illegally (without our authorization) on fake products and are distributed outside the official sales network.

Majority of discovered forgeries concern RFID tags (transponders). We therefore warn against purchasing any hardware with our logo/branding outside the official sales network.

We underline that we accept no liability for the quality of the concerned counterfeits, we cannot assume any guarantee for functioning or compatibility with our genuine hardware bought from official source. Regarding fake RFID tags, there is a high likelihood that their numbers are doubled (ELTE GPS provides BDE certificate guaranteeing unique RFID number for each transponder) and the quality of reading is low or even it’s impossible to identify them. Moreover those items are likely to be produced with poor quality materials.

We are kindly requesting you to double check with our official representatives before purchasing any goods marked by our logo or brand from third parties.

We recommend to purchase only original ELTE GPS Sp. z o.o. products, before any transaction please verify the order!

We are kindly requesting you to contact us whenever you purchase our products outside the official sales network.

Original Elte GPS RFID transponders

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